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Our Beginnings


From the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts – 1918

R.W. Roscoe E. Learned, for the Committee on Charters and By-Laws, presented the following report:
IN GRAND LODGE, BOSTON, March 13, 1918.

To the Most Worshipful Grand Master, Wardens, and Members of the Grand Lodge:

Baalis Sanford Lodge, located in Brockton, Mass., now working under Dispensation, has applied to the Grand Lodge for a Charter and has submitted a Code of By-Laws and its Records for approval. The Committee on Charters and By-Laws, after a careful examination of the same, have approved them, and recommend that the prayer of the petitioners be granted, a Charter issued, and Baalis Sanford Lodge be authorized to work under Dispensation until such time as the Lodge shall be constituted.

Fraternally submitted,
W. M. CAJIERON, Committee

The report was accepted and the recommendations adopted.

Thus signaled the beginning of Baalis Sanford Lodge.  Formed during the turbulent  World War I years, Baalis Sanford represented the promise for the future, hope of a nation and commitment to the love for all mankind.

As Most Worshipful Leon Abbott stated in his March  address to the Brethren:“….The perception and performance of our duty as Masons to our country and to humanity in this hour of gravest peril is our paramount interest. It should be the central thought and feature of our deliberations of today., The all important question is, how can we best serve individually and collectively, to advance the success of our Army and Navy and those of our Allies in the great cataclysm of a worldwide war.

Let service be our watch.word-not a service alone of the lips, but, translated into living expression  mighty energy of patriotic endeavor.  Through the close comradeship and communion of our associations here today, through the reassertion of our trust in God an:d our love· for our fellowmen, may we go away with our sympathies quickened, our vision clearer and broader, strengthened in every noble and fraternal impulse and resolve.  

The presentation of examples and opportunities of service will encourage and inspire us and steel our determination to prove worthier of the glad privilege and sacred trust of our Masonic membership.”

Baalis Sanford Lodge and Freemasonry continues this proud legacy today – teaching Brotherly Love and Service to Others, Relief for Our Fellow Mankind and Truth as a way of life.